July-August 2016 cover photo

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On the cover: Out in the switching yard, a box car is pushed into place upon a weight scale
to check its loaded weight. For more, see Dave Salamon’s article on page 18.

In the Current Issue

Building a Scale Track
by Dave Salamon

Freelancing The Tenino Western Railroad
by Tyler Whitcomb

Rookie Stripes
by Jeanne Guderian

Another Location For A Town Center
Within a Reversing Loop
by Woody Gamble

Bashing Wood Cabooses To Suit Your Needs
by Marty Coil

The Short & Nn3arrow
The Pacific Model Loggers’ Congress,
a tour of RLW and New Nn3 Locos
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101

Review: Republic Locomotive Works #2221 Detailed Replacement Underframe
for MTL Freight Cars
by Tom Knapp

The Electronics Workshop
Detectors, Part 2: Infrared and Photocell Detectors
by Bob Kendall