March-April 2017 N Scale Magazine


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In the Current Issue

Review: 16 Big Blow Turbine
by Walt Huston

Review: Showcase Miniatures
17 Branch Line Fuel Tank
by Tom Knapp, MMR #101

Copenhagen Fields
An essay in fine scale modelling from the UK
by Richard Wilson

Locomotive Test and Programming Stand
by Bob Parsons

Spraying a Mist with a Swipe of the Wrist
by Raul Perez

The Dream Layout
by Ray Herrmann

The Hayrack Boom Log Loading System in N scale
by Steve Wall

Michael McGrattan Memorial Train
Part 3
by Timothy J. Horton

The Electronics Workshop
What Does That Mean?
by Bob Kendall

The Short & Nn3arrow
Modeling Steam-Era Logging in N scale: Part 1 – Introduction & Camp Bildings (and more)
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101

On the cover: In the Pacific Northwest, waterways are a major source of transportation for all sorts of merchandise. Here we see a small transfer company that receives goods from the railroad and ships other merchandise out by rail. In addition, logs destined for a sawmill are floating down river. The transfer company can receive and ship via riverboats. Modeling by Dennis Reeve; photo by Steve Balmer. To see more, Thomas Knapp’s article begins on page 50.