May-June 2015 issue cover

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In the Current Issue

Details Make The Difference
by Bill Lazarek

LED Ditch Lights for the FVM GP60M
by Jim Reising

Scrap Aluminum Bales
by Fred Gemmill

Lessons Learned
by Raul Perez

Canadian Pacific Through the Rockies
by Rick Munce

The Short & Nn3arrow
Part II: Building a Nn3 NTRAK Module
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101

The Electronics Workshop
Diode Matrix, Part II: Stall Motor Switch Machines
by Bob Kendall

Review: GMD-1 from Rapido Trains Inc.
by Walt Huston

On the cover: There are many opportunities for details to pique your visitors interest: from people, to buildings, to unusual scenes, and surprises. Imagination and fun are the prime ingredients used by Bill Lazarek on his Wequetequock & Westerly Railroad, beginning on page 16.