NScale Magazine cover May-June 2019


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In the Current Issue

A Study In Nature
(Some thoughts on how to make your modeling look more "real")
by Dennis Murphy

Dwarf Turnout Signals
for a Layout
by Jim Davis

Imagination Run Wild
Rmembering the Southwestern
Mining & Extension Railroad
by Richard Francaviglia

The story so far...
In the beginning
by Dennis Turner

In Pursuit of WOW
The How and Why of Weathering,
Part 2
by Dennis Machlica

DCC Workshop
Wiring for DCC – Reversing Sections
by Timothy J. Horton

MoW Shed
by Walt Huston

The Short & Nn3arrow
Modeling the Pacific Coast Rwy
(Part 4) – Bridge No. 5;
Atlas Turnouts and MTB Switch Machines
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101


On the cover: A load of reefers makes its way through Dennis Murphy’s layout. The fine details of landscape scenery like this are considered in A Study In Nature, beginning on page 16.