NScale Magazine cover May-June 2019


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In the Current Issue

A Tale of Love Found & Love Lost
Or: My, How Times Change, Part 1
by Dennis Murphy

Build Santa Fe’s First Alco Passenger Locomotive
Part 2
by Loren Perry

From the 1800s to the 1900s
Changes in Society and Transportation
by Woody Gamble

GP Line
Part 1
by Glenn Poole, photography by David B. Sherwin

DCC Workshop
Wiring for DCC
by Timothy J. Horton

The Short & Nn3arrow
Modeling the PCRy Facilities in San Luis Obispo (Part 2) – The Buildings in San Luis Obispo
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101


On the cover: It’s a beautiful fall afternoon in “Littleville,” Colorado, and a special event is taking place. Most days, the small hamlet southwest of Denver might have one train passing through at a time, but on this special day, the fast mail eastbound is running four hours late and the #2 local is running ahead of schedule. It’s turning out to be a good day for train watchers! Follow Dennis Murphy’s Tale of Love Found & Love Lost on page 16.