NScale Magazine cover January-February 2020


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In the Current Issue

A Study In Nature
Part 3 (Coloring with Liquid Stains)
by Dennis Murphy

A Model Railroad Is "Never" Finished
Part 4: Lights and Details
by Jeff Lee, MMR

Welcome to Johnsboro
by Richard Hryniewicki

In Pursuit of WOW
Part 4 – Adding a Little Wow
to Your Flat Car Fleet
by Dennis Machlica

Modular Railroading
NTRAK Module Frame
by Jim Davis

DCC Workshop
Computer Interface & Wireless Devices
by Timothy J. Horton

The Short & Nn3arrow
A Guest Column:
Nn3 Colorado Mini-Layout
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101


On the cover: Great Northern #317-A pulls behind Dennis Murphy’s colorful township. Learn about coloring with liquid stains and more, in Dennis Murphy’s A Study in Nature, starting on page 16.