Jan-Feb 2015 cover art

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In the Current Issue

GMD SD40-2 Locomotive
by Chris Dittmar

Build a Small Town for your Railroad
by Loren Perry

The Electronics Workshop
High Current Accessories –
Power Supply – Part 2
by Bob Kendall

The General John Stark
U18B Revisited
by Ron Bearden

Erie, Boston & Maine Milk Reefers
Transforming the Atlas ARA 1932 Boxcar with Etched Brass Parts
by Bryan Busséy

The Short & Nn3arrow
Control Systems
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101

The Capitol Limited 2014
The N Scale East Convention
by Walt Huston

Review: Varipulse® 852B Handheld Throttle
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101

On the cover: SD40-2s 763 and 751 lead a North bound train through a cut in the Pine Pass on Chris Dittmar’s BC Rail Chetwynd Subdivision layout. Chris’ article on how to build the GMD SD40-2 starts on page 16.