nScale Magazine cover May/June 2020


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In the Current Issue

A Study In Nature
Part 5 (Dry Brushing With Paint)
by Dennis Murphy

In Pursuit of WOW
Part 6 – Weathering Riveted and
Welded Side Box Cars
by Dennis Machlica

The BT&H Railroad
by Joe Hammond

DCC Workshop
Locomotives with
Factory-Installed Decoders
by Timothy J. Horton

The Short & Nn3arrow
Modeling the Pacific Coast Railway
(Part 7) – N scale at the NNGC
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101

T-Trak Module Basics
by Joe Martin

Modular Railroading
Roadbed and Laying Track
by Jim Davis


On the cover: Great Northern and Southern Pacific locomotives pass each other above the well-weathered roofs of Wilmot. Learn weathering techniques in Dennis Murphy's A Study in Nature, Part 5, starting on page 16.