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Review: Jeffries Point Barrel & Stave Co.
Bar Mills Scale Model Works
by Dennis Murphy

Planning a Harbor
Part 1
Article by Dave Pomarenski, Photos by Dave Pomarenski & Dennis Betschieder

In Pursuit of WOW
Part 21 – Laying the Groundwork for Water Street
by Dennis Machlica

Tribute to Seattle
Part 2
by Tim Jordan

The Short & Nn3arrow
Modeling the Pacific Coast Railway, Part 20: Flatcars, Gondolas & Stock Cars, Oh My!
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101

On the cover: It’s a beautiful fall morning here in Jeffries Point. The large new addition to the manufacturing operation has really been a big hit in the area. It makes the old shop look like something left over from another time. All of a sudden there is “hard cash” floating around the community from all those new jobs that were created! And as you know: There is no such thing as too much cash floating around! Read Dennis Murphy’s review of the Bar Mills Jeffries Point Barrel & Stave Company kit, starting on page 16.